Photos and Videos

Photos of the trial, Ken, Jay and Matt Pawa’s press conference, and the DA’s statement for media use (photo credit: Peter Bowden)

Video of the statement by DA Sam Sutter

Photos of the gathering outside the trial and Ken, Jay and Matt Pawa’s press conference from Kate Toomey

Additional photos from inside and outside the courthouseĀ 

Video fro Elise Hugus and Sarah Athanas summarizing the dramatic outcome of the trial:

Ken and Jay on Democracy Now, live in the studio with Amy Goodman in New York!

Video of Ken and Jay discussing their motivations for the action:

Video of Tim DeChristopher talking about the trial:

Video from inside the courtroom courtesy of John Carlton-Foss:

Ken at Emmanuel Church on 9/11, via Steve MacAusland:

See photos and videos of the trial here.

See photos and videos of the original action here.