Logistics for the Trial

What to Expect and What to Bring

If you plan to attend the trial, please RSVP so we know you’re coming! That way we can share the most up-to-date announcements with you as they occur.

What to Expect and What to Bring
We hope to overflow the courtroom on both days of the trial. The courtroom only holds 60-100 people, so everyone who doesn’t fit inside will stand outside the courthouse, bearing witness and joining in song. This is serious business, and we are going to act seriously; please dress in your Sunday best.

Everyone inside the courtroom should expect to sit quietly and attentively for many hours; court officials will ask you to leave if you are reading, sleeping, or disrupting the proceedings, though you can leave and reenter the courtroom throughout the day if you desire. Water bottles are not allowed inside the courthouse, but we’ll have a car outside to hold these and other belongings that aren’t allowed inside. Everyone who enters the courthouse will have to pass through a security checkpoint and metal detector; treat this checkpoint the same as you would an airport security checkpoint.

Everyone outside the courtroom should know that a Massachusetts law (Chapter 268, Section 13A) expressly prohibits parading and picketing outside of courthouses. No signs, banners, handouts, or chanting will be allowed inside or outside the courthouse. We will spend the day gathered in witness and song, building community and supporting Ken and Jay in their trial. We will also have a rest space at a nearby church for those gathered outside the courthouse.

The lunch break on each day of the trial will provide us an opportunity to gather outside the courthouse, share a meal, join together in song, and re-energize for the afternoon.

On Monday evening, following the first day of the trial, we’ll gather at First Baptist Fall River (228 North Main Street, Fall River, MA) for a group dinner to build community and reflect on the day’s events. We (the organizers) will prepare a simple dinner, and you’re encouraged to add to it potluck-style; we’ll have a van by the courthouse where you can drop off food you’re willing to contribute before the start of the trial.


Sunday 9/7
1 pm: Boston bicycle group leaves from Braintree Station
3 pm: Providence bicycle group leaves from Providence Amtrak Station
~6 pm: Both bicycle groups arrive in Fall River and stay overnight at a church

Monday 9/8
8:30-9 am: Arrive at Fall River Justice Center
9 am: Trial commences
~12 pm: Lunch break and gathering outside courthouse
1 pm: Trial reconvenes
4 pm: Trial breaks for day
5-7 pm: Potluck at First Baptist Fall River (228 North Main Street, Fall River, MA)

Tuesday 9/9
8:30-9 am: Arrive at Fall River Justice Center
9 am: Trial reconvenes
~12 pm: Lunch break and gathering outside courthouse
1 pm: Trial reconvenes
4 pm: Trial ends
5 pm: Bicycle groups leave for Providence Amtrak station; Boston group returns by commuter rail

The trial will be held at the Fall River Justice Center, 186 S Main St, Fall River, MA.

Please make sure to sign up on the RSVP form so we can make sure everyone is able to get to the trial, and email lobsterboataction@gmail.com with any questions (or include them with your RSVP).

By Carpool
We’ll be self-organizing carpools to the trial using the ride-boards below. If you plan to drive, please sign up here to help bring other people along! Day 1 is Monday 9/8; Day 2 is Tuesday 9/9.

Massachusetts, Day 1: groupcarpool.com/t/7heg32 (includes an example)
Massachusetts, Day 2: groupcarpool.com/t/zfqmxv

Rhode Island, Day 1: groupcarpool.com/t/j3n4wr
Rhode Island, Day 2: groupcarpool.com/t/qotv2b

New Hampshire, Day 1: groupcarpool.com/t/0g7fbj
New Hampshire, Day 2: groupcarpool.com/t/0q5xhp

Vermont, Day 1: groupcarpool.com/t/ix2fbk
Vermont, Day 2: groupcarpool.com/t/upfv2w

Maine, Day 1: groupcarpool.com/t/ufr6is
Maine, Day 2: groupcarpool.com/t/2cfi3g

Connecticut, Day 1: groupcarpool.com/t/sb4ctr
Connecticut, Day 2: groupcarpool.com/t/0bwuvm

New York, Day 1: groupcarpool.com/t/p2t6ra
New York, Day 2: groupcarpool.com/t/3udiq2

Other, Day 1: groupcarpool.com/t/nzbe8s
Other, Day 2: groupcarpool.com/t/wg4uep

By Bus
Unfortunately, there are no public transit options to Fall River. However, there is a Peter Pan bus stop a block from the Fall River courthouse (map here). The buses to and from most locations would arrive after the trial starts and depart before it ends, but you can use this option if carpooling or biking doesn’t work for you.

By Bicycle
Organized bike rides to the trial will depart from Boston and Providence on Sunday 9/7. Those traveling by bike will stay overnight at a church in the Fall River area on Sunday and Monday nights. After the trial ends on Tuesday we will bike back to Providence and take the commuter rail to Boston.

We’ll have a few bike trailers with water, snacks, and basic bike tools, but please try to pack light and carry as much as possible on your bike itself. Remember to pack a change of clothes (Sunday best!) and a water bottle for the trip, bring a helmet and front and rear bike lights, and pump up your tires before coming. If you’ve indicated on the RSVP form that you’re interested in biking, we’ll be in touch to confirm and provide more details; in the meantime, email patrickbrown4@gmail.com with questions.

From Boston:
We will meet at the Braintree MBTA station, located at one of the southern ends of the Red Line (bikes are allowed on the Red Line, and make sure you don’t get on an Ashmont train), at 1 pm on Sunday 9/7 for a 40.5 mile ride to Fall River. We’ll stop along the way in Brockton and Taunton for breaks, and we’ll plan to arrive in Fall River by 6 pm Sunday. The rough route (subject to change) is here.

From Providence:
We will meet at the Providence Amtrak station at 3 pm on Sunday 9/7 for a 22.3 mile ride to Fall River. We’ll take the East Bay Bike Path and stop in Barrington for a break, and we’ll plan to arrive in Fall River by 6 pm Sunday. The rough route (subject to change) is here.

By Sea
The Borden Light Marina is located a convenient 0.8 mile walk from the Fall River courthouse. It offers transient docking for small boats (reservable using this form) and a panoramic view of the Brayton Point Power Station.

There are two parking lots within a block of the courthouse in Fall River: the Pearl Street Parking Deck at 1 Pearl St, and the Third Street Parking Garage at 157 3rd St. There is also metered and free street parking available here.

Bicyclists and attendees from out of town will be staying at Church of the Holy Spirit (160 Rock St, Fall River, MA 02720; just a 0.4 mile walk from the courthouse) or, in case of overflow, at Fall River Union United Methodist Church (600 Highland Ave, Fall River, MA 02720) on the nights of Sunday 9/7 and Monday 9/8. We’ll be sleeping on a hard tile floor, so please bring a sleeping pad and sleeping bag.

If you’d rather not stay at the church, there are also a variety of hotels in the Fall River area.