Ken and Jay featured in the Boston Globe

Yesterday’s Boston Globe featured Ken and Jay in a piece that outlined the lobster boat blockade action and their pioneering use of the necessity defense in a climate trial. While we’re pretty sure that neither of them have actually uttered the words contained in the headline, the story provides a thorough history of the use of the necessity defense as a political strategy and highlights the importance of their trial as a potentially historic moment for climate change activism.

“IF THE FALL RIVER jury accepts Ward and O’Hara’s arguments and acquits them—and there’s no guarantee that it will—it will be following in a centuries-old tradition that goes back much further than the modern defense tactic. […] In each case, the jury and the defendants have agreed that something more than the fate of a single individual was at stake; what’s occurring is a referendum on the wisdom of government policy itself, with the suggestion that the normal channels for changing it are inadequate.”

Read the full story here.